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Department of Civil Engineering

The establishment of the Department of Civil Engineering: 
Civil Engineering Department established at University College Iraq since 2012-2013, according to the book and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – Office of the Secretary of the Department of Education Ministers Ahli No. c e / 1855 on 26.05.2014 

Labs section

  1. Laboratory of Soil 
  2. Laboratory of Transportation 
  3. Laboratory examination of concrete and construction materials 
  4. Laboratory health 
  5. lab space 
  6. studio 
  7. Laboratory Comput

The reasons for the establishment of Civil Engineering Department 

There are fundamental reasons show that higher education in Iraq, the issue is not just about the future of the individuals in the individual borders, but beyond that to be a national issue, the issue lies in the concept of comprehensive national security, and the main entrance is proposed to look at this issue.

Education is a fundamental element for the progress of society and the state-sponsored seeking to publish and circulate. Education aims to raise the general level of culture and development and the development of scientific thinking, and raise the spirit of research, and meet the requirements of the plans of economic and social development of a country, and create a generation strong in body and morals, proud of his nation and homeland, heritage and religion, and preserves the achievements.

The state provides public education and working to promote the opening of private universities under the supervision of the state and in accordance with the provisions of the law, 2011/2012 in the school year, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to increase the number of students admitted in engineering colleges through the addition of 3 degrees to the rate of the graduates of the sixth scientific This increase has led to high inflation in the number of students could have been avoided if this momentum Seen community colleges in such disciplines required. And do not forget the role of scientific competition, which will increase the number of highlights at this college and what will result from raising the level of higher education across the country.

From this standpoint and within the limits of the possibilities available to college Iraq Ahlia University in the province of Basra has felt presidency of the university need to open the Civil Engineering Department to be added to the engineering departments of current college and due to the need of the market pressing for this specialty in our province dear especially and in the southern region in general.

The curriculum of the department mentioned matching Nzirath in engineering colleges / universities in Iraq and keep up with the evolution of the global international universities sober, taking into account the quality standards sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, both academic and administrative with the provision of air scientific convenient for the student.

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