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The Key to Success is Knowing You Can

The key to success in any endeavor starts with a positive mental attitude. There is a saying that goes ‘if you think you can you can and if you think you cannot you are right’ and this is so true. Have you ever noticed that people with positive attitudes are always so upbeat and motivated? In fact it can be said that a positive mental attitude is the best motivation you can have since it is based upon believing in yourself. Whether it is business or personal your best chance to become successful at ANYTHING begins with a strong inner belief you will succeed.
Here are 10 quick tips you can IMMEDIATELY begin to use to develop a ‘strong’ positive mental attitude. Caution: the use of these tips may very well have you smiling from ear to ear within the first week … proceed carefully!
1) Imagine the Possibilities
Focus your energies more on how you can become successful at a particular endeavor instead of convincing yourself it cannot be done. How often have you avoided even TRYING to accomplish something because you talk yourself out of it? Even worse is letting others convince you that goals or objectives are out of your reach. Simply stated if it has been done by somebody else it stands to reason that it can also be done by you!
2) Listen to Your Self Talk
Talking to yourself does not mean you are crazy, in most cases anyway, and can actually be the source of some of the best motivation you may encounter. On the other hand however is that your own self-talk can just as easily sabotage your efforts or motivation. Learn to monitor the ‘reinforcements’ you tend to give to yourself and consciously AVOID any negativity. The repeated use of such innocent but negative reinforcement such as ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’ when describing your own behavior can easily lead you to ‘assume’ this self-talk is true.
3) Practice Affirmations
Replace any negative thoughts with more encouraging ones that will help you to develop a more positive mental attitude.
4) Appreciate What You Have
Learn to appreciate what it is you may already have and allow these feelings of thankfulness to help you develop a more positive mental attitude. All of us tend to take things for granted so much so we forget what we have.
5) Stop Being Envious
Instead of envy try admiring someone for what they have or what they have accomplished. This replaces the feeling of envy or yearning with a more positive flow of thought that opens the door for you to recognize that these same opportunities exist for you.
Envy can consume your energies and distract your focus from taking more proactive measures in your own life.
6) Find Inspiration from Others
Instead of yearning for what others may have find inspiration in the fact that if they can attain it so can you. As we mentioned above what one person can accomplish can also be accomplished by another. Realizing this is the best motivation you can have to help you take the necessary actions to realize any particular objective you may have chosen.
7) Avoid Negative People
Negative people will suck the motivation right out of you and replace it with their own miserable and negative thoughts. We all know negative people and although they are not necessarily bad people they generally inhibit you from making improvements in your own life. Accept their criticism with grace but do not hang on their every word or they will drain the life out of you.
8) Associate with Positive People
The people you want to be around are those who realize the vast potential of not only themselves but of you as well. Positives attitudes can be infectious and will only serve to further motivate you and increase your enjoyment of life itself.
9) View Failures as Lessons Learned
There are no failure only lessons that you must learn in order to become successful at whatever you are pursuing. Accepting setbacks in this way takes away the frustration and disappointment and replaces it with a renewed vigor and confidence.
With each ‘failure’ you are in fact one step closer to success!
10) Stop Complaining
Much like negative people draining your energy and disrupting your focus you too can accomplish the same by always complaining. Stop and consider for a moment what good comes out of complaining? Complaining is not productive nor does it move you closer to whatever it may be you seek but instead fills you with negative thoughts.
Positive attitudes are the key to success in just about anything you can imagine that is worth accomplishing in your life. To become successful at anything you MUST possess the proper motivation and a positive mental attitude is the best motivation you can possibly have. A person who has a strong belief in their own convictions and abilities cannot be denied success. The 10 tips we reviewed above are meant to serve as a guide for building a healthier mindset that WILL have an immediate and positive impact on your life. Smile for you already possess what it takes to live the life you want. Start unleashing it today!

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