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Tips to Maximizing Your College Budget

College fun cost money. Unfortunately for many, they miss out on the 'fun' because they have a tight college budget. There are simple steps students can take to avoid college debt while having a good time at school. If you…

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More Time Spent Studying Improves Memory And Grades

The scientific study of memory began in the early 1880s when a German philosopher, Hermann Ebbinghaus, came up with the revolutionary idea hat memory could be studied experimentally.  In doing so he broke away from a 2,000-year-od tradition that firmly…

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Professor's Candid Insights After Year in Iraq

Pomona College Politics Professor Mietek Boduszynski recently completed a one-year term of service with the U.S. State Department in the hot spot of Iraq. For his work, he received the 2016 U.S. State Department Superior Honor Award, one of the…

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Do Or Don't: Studying While Listening To Music

Second semester is well underway, which means midterms and other tests are looming ahead in the not-too-distant future and that it’s time to once again question how studying while listening to music can affect a student’s studying efficiency. Researchers and…

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