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Homework: Drudgery to Do-Able

Homework battles are never hard to find when school is in season.  Here are some helpful tips for parents to make homework time less of a battle and more of a joy.   School is back in session, which means…

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The Secret to Success – 3 Key Attributes

The secret to success is that there really is no secret if you want to become successful it is actually more of a 'choice' than a secret. For ages people have search for 'hidden codes' or 'silver bullets' that would…

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Essential Tips For Writing Instruction Essay

  The easiest form of essay writing is the instruction essay, this types of essay just demands some instructions on a particular topic. Teachers, if want to  know about the knowledge of the students then they assign this task to…

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5 Tips to Make an Effective Study Schedule

  Like they say ‘a strategy even a great one does not implement itself’, a study plan in itself is nothing unless you actualize it. Happy studies.   Making a study schedule creates an organizational outline for study times and…

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The Key to Success is Knowing You Can

  The key to success in any endeavor starts with a positive mental attitude. There is a saying that goes 'if you think you can you can and if you think you cannot you are right' and this is so…

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What Is Positive Motivation?

When you were a child, you were subject to two kinds of motivation – positive motivation and negative motivation. When you did something bad, you were scolded and that was an example of negative motivation. But, when you did something…

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College English Term Paper

  College English term paper is one of the most wide-spread types of written assignments. College English paper is assigned for students during their second or third year of study. College students would usually find it complex and difficult as…

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Directing Your Children to be College Bound

There is a point often early in grade school where parents need to point a young mind into making a decision, a decision probable with more consequences than most other questions we face in life. Will we take a path…

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Dorm Life

Getting into college is so exciting and there are so many new aspects that start when you move out of your parents' house and begin to further your education. Then you finally reach campus and you get to move into…

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