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Engineering Department of Computing Technologies

The department aims to graduate engineers, technicians have the ability to set up and operation, maintenance and programming of computers and electronic accessories qualifies as a graduate engineer section to be “applied” has the ability to design, implementation, maintenance and operation of all systems, computers and be able to: 

· Possession of a scientific and practical skill of being able to diagnose faults and conduct maintenance, and repairs to the system calculator 
· Knowledge of the language of the machine for the purpose of understanding the details of the work of the calculator and its physical components. 
· Detailed knowledge about the types of processors in terms of work and the washing maps and maps of control. 
· Conduct research and studies on Computing and alternatives can be used, and the continued development and maintenance work in computers. 

The nature of the curriculum: 

The curriculum adopted in Section certified by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research Ali Iraq. Curriculum includes four stages in the application materials for the most part And installation of computers, in addition to retaining materials such as mathematics, the foundations of Electrical Engineering, and other digital electronics, and to ensure that students keep up with developments in both maintenance and structures Alhacab and modern software related to this specialty. 

Future prospects: 

The rapid development in the field of computers and technology and their applications in various fields of life made ​​it necessary for there to be cadres of the geometric possibilities of scientific and practical Distinct can keep up with this rapid development in this field. This section looks to modernize curricula and develop vocabulary continuously, and to meet the needs of the current stage From the history of Iraq. Section seeks to cooperate with the corresponding sections in the local universities, Arab and international exchange of knowledge and participation in the development of this field through active participation in international scientific conferences and workshops cost.

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