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The Scientific Centre for Research and Developments (SCRD)


The Scientific Centre for Research and Developments (SCRD) in Iraq University Collage aims  to deepen the relationship between the university and all sectors of society through the integration of the scientific aspect practical side, so by taking advantage of relevant practical experience and scientific expertise in the fields of civil engineering and engineering and communications and computer networks as well as the experience of project management to develop and raise the level of scientific research and university advancement into the ranks of world universities.

SCRD Administrative and Scientific Structure

Administrative structure consists of the director of the center (The Dean of the university) and the secretary of the center. While the scientific group consists from the center’s director and the members of the research team as shown in Fig.

Fig. 1 The administrative and scientific structure for SCRD

The SCRD Plan

  • SCRD plan to deployment researchers in communication and computer networks, civil engineering in the most prestigious journals and periodicals world-class and participating in local and international conferences.
  • The development of the level of scientific research for the students of the fourth year of the preparation course intensified scientific research methodology and the mechanism for writing research.
  • Organization courses for masters and doctoral students in the mechanism for the selection of subject matter and how to write a thesis.
  • Studies and research for the development of economic projects and industries in the areas of telecommunications and informatics networks.

Fig. 2 The scientific plan for SCRD

SCRD Building Center

The SCRD building consists of management Office Center and Hall contains offices of the research team adding to the hall for discussion and meetings

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