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English, TOEFL, and Translation Centre


This centre was founded in 2005. It offers the following:

  • TOEFL courses for those who intend to take the TOEFL test.
  • Courses in English conversation and writing development skills.
  • International ITP TOEFL exam with certificates.
  • Legal translations supervised by translation experts.
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP) for students of engineering and political sciences.
  • M.Sc. Student English focusing on the TOEFL programme.
  • Conversational and TOEFL courses since 2005.
  • Many ELTC-made TOEFL and conversation tests since 2005.


This TOEFL Test Centre is authorized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, bearing in mind that TOEFL is one of the common industry standards in English language assessment as it measures the candidate’s mastery of listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. As a matter of fact, TOEFL is validated by over four decades of world-renowned research, and recognized by more than 8,500 colleges and universities in more than 130 countries.


Our translation services are provided by a team of professional translators, native speakers and experts; to ensure, we can offer flawless English translations to our clients in marketing, finance, technology, and legal sectors. We translate documents, video and audio presentations and provide proof readings.

The centre is directed by:

Professor Hameed M. Al-Hamadi (Ph. D.),
Edinburgh, Leeds, & essex Universities,
Linguistics, Phonetics, & ELT,
A Professional Translator

Assisted by:

Salman Dawood Salman (Ph. D.),
Baghdad University,
ELT Professional and Translator
Aziz Al-Hilfi (Ph.D.)
Ahmed Al-Kadhimi (Ph.D.)
Ahmed Hoshan (M.A.)

The English language teaching staff members at the Centre run all the ESP college courses at the Iraq University College.

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