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“But those who fear Allah are the scholars”
The strategic cognitive view of building academically advanced states depends on building the state with specialized constitutions.

The most necessary factors to accomplish this view are:

  • The holistic cognitive view, planning, and follow up in good management.
  • Polishing the cognitive and the promising practical experience for permanent human growth.
  • Transferring to the cognitive economics policy by relying on the policy of the advanced market economics.
  • Adopting modern financial policy which supports cognitive investments.

The undergraduate and the postgraduate university studies are considered essential in preparing a generation which has the culture of academic cognitive education with all its dimensions of research and academic development and polishing those researches in practical experience generation during its study and afterwards through practical experience which is considered the latest goal advanced

nations have reached academically in their teaching/educational, industrial, and productive establishments, which are the most important introductions towards cognitive revivals.Since the teaching and educational establishments are the foundation on which an economically, socially, and culturally advanced, modern state is built, they represent the principal structure of advanced societies. To support research and academic productive development in the field of engineering, medicine, applied sciences, management, politics, economics, etc. represents bridges of science, labour, and co-operation between the cultivated,Civilized human society by making mutual use of their experiences,

scholars, and their financial abilities. The fast programmed transfer from a scientific project to the world of creation, and going hand in hand with the world cognitive march on all levels; the cognitive, economical, political, security, cultural, etc. will decide the bright future features for the states which adopt this method in building their establishments in order to prevent cognitive limitations which would lead to a limitation in the straight path of the relationship with the Greatest Creator.

This trip begins with the universities and the cultural and educational establishments at the hands of competent professors, experts, advisors, and scholars who would carry the academic humanistic message and be the base for continuous giving, and part of the cognitive society, when these establishments adopt the most recent and most advanced programmes in digital information in order to reach creative information to bridge the civilization of the past with making up the civilization of the future.

To decide our priorities and needs, and our specialized cadres which are required according to data base, and accurate statistics, and qualifying and enabling them, and increasing their competence, will

create qualitative difference, and progress towards enhancing the social cognitive and creative education, which would lead towards human resource fortune of qualified people in addition to financial fortunes and an non-dwindled civilization with which the cognitive revival is integrated, in order to bring up a good and competent generation whose opinions and labours are in symmetry, and whose academic energy melts in the service of humanity, in general, and who transfer from cognitive education to a creative cognitive education.

“ Say do work, as Allah, and His Messenger, and the believers will see your work”

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